About this site

Bear Sees Birds is a bird blog based in St Paul, Minnesota. I'll cover current events and issues, but make no mistake: this is closer to a personal journal than it is to a news site. Here you'll find my opinions on environmental headlines, my experiences as a backyard birdwatcher, and my thoughts on nature-related literature and media. Most posts will focus on birds very clearly and specifically, while others will simply be about living a curious and present life (crucial skills for birdwatching, and for being happy).

Posting Schedule

A new feature post will go up every Tuesday morning, and a new column post will go up on occasional Friday mornings, typically a few times a month. Columns are more loosely structured. See below for specific post series.

Article Types

Some of our recurring features will include Bird Profiles (deep dives on specific species), Reviews (my thoughts on something I've read or watched recently), and Travel Journals (recounting my travels and days out in nature).

Some of our recurring columns will include Around The Feeder (focused on my day-to-day as a birdwatcher), Big Blue Birdhouse (focused on environmental and animal rights issues), and Culture Corner (focused on birds as mascots and characters).

Some posts will be fit these series, some will be their own thing!

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If you have any feedback or questions, you can reach me directly at bearseesbirds@gmail.com or just ask the pigeons to pass a message along. I plan on making clothing with our branding available to myself and family, so you can always inquire about that if you want!


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